вторник, 4 июня 2013 г.


Hello fellows, brothers, sisters! Just want to say, that UEBANDA people is still alive :) not the same Uebanda how you used to listen,  now is less commecrial, more tribal, spiritual, rythms, family... everyone is welcom in our circle dancing, playing, singing, having fun, being in the moment togather and enjoy the life! We are not planing to give concerts anymore, but always ready for activity and, with pleasure, spread and share energy whatever place is it... Summer came, so see you somewhere in Baltic countries, keep connection friends! Misha Morales

пятница, 3 мая 2013 г.


Hello dear friends, after a while we came back home sweet Estonian home to do some little things, eventually our friends organize FLASHBACK again, so hopefully we are going to make some fun in Genklubi 10. May, Tartu rise up! Be aware, Zeka our little beautiful singer decided to chose her own way, now she is in Moroco, so dont expect from us something like you used to see. What exactly, what style, who and how gonna be in Genklubi we will not tell you, let it be one little surprize!

вторник, 15 января 2013 г.


Dear people, beautiful friends, we finish this crazy concert tour in Portugal! Was nice! A lot of new experience. Now situation unknown, Domenico bass player went back to cold Estonia, soprano Fernando on the way to Moroko, guitar Diego stay and Lisbon, study... russian trio Sasha, Zeka, Misha, again togather alone with Maika doggy in white van, which is starting work strange :) whats gonna be next nobody knows, no plan, maybe go more south, Spain... lets see, anyway, any situation is beautiful, we just need to enjoy it without paranoia! THX alot for Lisbon friends, Coimbra and Porto people, all clubs where we play, all people who help us anyhow! What would like to advice, we meet new friends, Puntzkapuntz, some of them play with us, enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmJkFAUMvYo hope to bring them to baltic play togather. Soon Domenico gives us some videos....

воскресенье, 6 января 2013 г.

UEBANDA last concert in Lisbon

Hello dear friends!
So the thing that we play 10. January in Braco de Prata http://www.bracodeprata.net this is our last concert in Lisbon, just want to say thx to everybody for supports, goes to show, dance with us, give some coins on the streets, buying CDs, all this helps alot to survive and create more. Information about concert coming soon!

The rest of shows in Portugal is 11.January in Coimbra, in States Club, and 12.January in Porto, Maus Habitos club!

Short video about our trip throw all Europe to Lisbon, thx to Zeka:

пятница, 4 января 2013 г.

UEBANDA still in Lisboa

Beautiful world, if you feel good and want to meet something, maybe, new for you, you can join us in concert in MOB, in Lisbon, me, i would like to make one free kind of evening, that everybody who come, play, dance, smile, fall in love eachother, and complitelly forget bad moments in the past, without plan to ther future, just being in the moment!!! enjoy!
5. January @ MOB, Lisbon http://www.facebook.com/events/448735601848295/

среда, 19 декабря 2012 г.

UEBANDA, first concert in Portugal!


And so first concert in Portugal with full band! UEBANDA AGAIN TOGATHER AFTER 3 months.... plesent moment for soul :) and this Saturday 22 december, after the end of the world, for survivers, we play in Bacalhoeiro, in Lisbon, we start show, so people who want to listen properly, come in time! after PuntzkaPuntz, local great band, mix of all styles and rythms!

for you people we developed finally recordings, sounds more pleasant + new old song HIDE & SEEK

вторник, 20 ноября 2012 г.

For our friends :)

Ye ye! UEBANDA is still alive :) part of us in Estonia, part of us in Lisbon, Zeka is traveling in Spain, Maike our dog is still nice, and car working somehow, some instruments are broken :) 5 months in travel around the Europe... People you know about end of the world 2012, so we decided to meet before. 17 of december our bass Domenico coming to Portugal and we start to continue what we like to do alot, play concerts. THX to portugalian part of Uebanda, Fernando and Diego, who help us to organize it, host us and show us life in this great place Lisbon. Respect CHUWAKI!
one nice video from Lithuanian festival in COMMUNART.